System structure

ProjectWestern Bypass Zurich
Traffic Triangle Zurich-South
Sihlbrücken and Mösliweg
Gussasphalt Surface LayerMA 11 THP
Gussasphalt Tack LayerMA 16 HP
Gussasphalt Protective LayerMA 16 HP
WaterproofingPBD EP 5 GA
Sealing2 layers epoxy resin
Surface levellingEpoxy scratch coat
Area18'500 sqm
Surface chippingChippings 3/6, pre-coatet
OwnerBaudirektion Kanton Zürich
PlannerBasler & Hofmann, Zürich
Site managementF. Preisig AG, Zürich
ClientBaudirektion Kanton Zürich
Date of competionApril 2007 - September 2007

Project information

The Western Bypass Zurich, as a link between the A1 motorway [Zurich-Berne] and the A3 motorway [Zurich-Chur], as well as the future A4 motorway [Zurich – Central Switzerland] is a structure of national importance. It relieves several agglomeration municipalities of the commuter traffic and the city of Zurich of the transit traffic. The commissioned two twin bridges, as part of the Western Bypass, will be constructed with two lanes and one hard shoulder.



Execution of the waterproofing and Gussasphalt paving work was carried out in a managed lane system with a continuous paving sequence. Because of the new construction, the individual bridges were installed to a total width of approx. 10.0m, excl. verge, without joints. The leg lengths were between 333m and 495m.


Chipping 3/6, bitumen pre-coatet
Surface Layer
MA 11 THP 37mm
Tack Layer
MA 16 HP 45mm
Protective Layer
MA 16 HP 50mm
PBD-Waterproofing 5mm
Epoxy priming and sealing
Surface levelling with epoxy scratch coat
Concrete construction



Despite demanding gradient conditions [slope line 9%] at changing laying thicknesses, the waterproofing and paving work was conducted in a high quality. As the entire bridge areas were available without restriction, the construction programme was shortened by approx. 1 month overall.


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