System structure

Project:Lucerne, repair Ibach bridge
Gussasphalt Surface Layer:SMA 11 40mm
Gussasphalt Track Layer:MA 11 HP 35mm
Gussasphalt Protective Layer:MA 11 HP 35mm
Waterproofing:PBD EP 5 GA
Sealing:2 layers epoxy resin
Surface levelling:Epoxy resin - scratch coat
Area:4000 m2
Surface chipping:Chippings 4/8 on tack coat (Prov. roadway)
Owner: Canton of Lucerne, Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)
Planner:Emch + Berger WSB AG, Luzern
Site management:Gebr. Brun AG, Emmenbrücke
Client:Anliker AG, Emmenbrücke
Date of competion:April 2008 - August 2008

Project information

The Ibach bridge in Emmen-Süd crosses the A2, the Kleine Emme and the Reuss.
Rehabilitation of the bridge will be under traffic, in stages, concomitant with limited space.


5 stages at 150 - 1000 m2 each, under traffic
Width: each stage 2.8 - 3.5 m
Length: each stage 30.0 - 100.00 m


SMA 11 40mm surface course
MA 11 HP 35mm tack coat
MA 11 HP 35mm protecting course
PBWS waterproofing 5mm
Epoxy priming and sealing
Roughness levelling with epoxy filling
Concrete construction



The project is currently under construction.

System by cms box